Barbie Race & Ride Combo Pack including Pink PlayStation CD Wallet

Barbie Race & Ride Combo Pack 


Publisher: Mattel
Developer: Runecraft
Product Number: SCES02365

These Combo Packs were released with large oversized cardboard boxes and included a copy of the game and a CD Wallet for disc storage.


Barbie rides onto the PlayStation for the first time ever in an all-new horseback riding game. Gallop through the breath taking snow capped mountains, the beach at sunset, a beautiful forest and more.
*Encourages learning about horses.
*Promotes problem-solving in a realistic outdoor environment.
*Promotes creativity and imagination.
*Age 5 upwards.

BOX DESCRIPTION from Original box Rear :


The Barbie Race & Ride Combo Pack included a “Not to be sold separately” copy of Barbie Race & Ride plus a Pink PlayStation CD wallet to carry all your CD’s and memory cards. The front of the CD wallet features an embroidered Barbie Race & Ride Logo. The external box is a wide format box with Barbie Race & Ride Artwork.

Photos courtesy of Ben Lane

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